Monday, October 1, 2007

Promises, promises

I made a commitment to keep this blog current and I have failed. For weeks now, I've wanted to write about finished objects, sock wars, Monkey Hooters and balls, WIPs, pattern errors and startitis.

I admit that much of the delay has been due to not having any photos. I had planned to take pics of my gorgeous Monkey Hooters swap with Weezalana. Never happened. Thus, no post.

A confession: Ravelry has contributed to my blogger inadequacies. Uploading my photos, WIPs, queue, and FOs to Ravelry made it less pressing to write about them here. I hope to change that, because I truly enjoy the interactions that I have had with people who comment on my blog. And of course not everyone is yet on Ravelry.

I'll try to do better. It's my crazy season at work -- not much time to breathe til mid-November. But I'll try. Really.

And Rhinebeck is just a few weeks away. So I'm sure that I'll have lots to talk about after that weekend.