Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Thing of Beauty

I spent my weekend organizing yarn.
To most people, of course, that sounds like the fourth level of Hell, I'm sure.
Me? It makes me all giddy and trembly inside.

Prior to this, my yarn was in plastic bins, various bags, boxes and containers. It was impossible to find anything, and I didn't remember what I had. The closet was a mess -- office supplies, spare electronic parts, and tons of old craft supplies, rubber stamps, paints, scrapbook stuff -- almost nothing that had any hope of ever being used in the next couple of years.

Now, after a long and dusty weekend, it's gorgeous.
Finally, I can see every skein of yarn that I own.
All of my WIPs and "hibernating" projects are organized.
And best yet, every skein has been entered into Ravelry, so that I can tell at a glance if I need yet another skein of blue/green sock yarn (I don't, and won't for several years).

The white cabinet in the center of the closet is mostly ofice supplies -- envelopes, packaging materials, etc. Only the top two drawers are given to knitting: the top drawer holds all of my needles, and the second drawer my notions, stitch markers, etc.

And yes, I'm going to leave the closet doors off, because it just looks so darn pretty. I can't stop gazing at it all.