Monday, June 11, 2007

Inspired, in over my head, and done!


I was so engrossed in the class that I neglected
to take many photos. Sorry Lucy, this was the best.

On Saturday, I took a class with Lucy Neatby at Cornwall Yarn Shop in New York.The class was alled "Scintillating Socks", and it didn't disappoint. Though I'd previously knit one of Lucy's sock designs (Mermaid Socks from Cool Socks, Warm Feet), I learned a lot in thes class. The Garter Stitch short row heel, which I had done twice before, seems much easier now that she's walked me through it. I also learned the Channel Islands Cast-On (love it!), a cool stretchy way to bind off, and probably a million other things that I can't come up with right now.

Over My Head:

A selection of Lucy's double-knit delights.

Saturday's class was so fabulous that I managed to wiggle my way into Sunday's class with Lucy, called "Seeing Double." This class was all about double knitting -- something totally unfamiliar to me. It was brain-bending. I am now more determined than ever to learn how to knit Continental, so that I can do two-color knitting by holding one color in each hand. Had I been able to do that in class, I would have made a bit more progress than I did. Still, I learned a lot, and enjoyed myself. Lucy is a fabulous teacher, and when I'm ready to try the double knitting for myself, I will get her DVD and I'm sure that most of it will come right back to me.


The Uglyshawl! Meri is in the hospital again, this time for about a week as she undergoes some treatments, so I buckled down and finished the shawl. I know that she will overlook the aesthetics and take it for what it is -- a surrogate hug when I can't be there. In truth, this pic makes it look a bit more attractive than it appears in reality, and yes, I did weave in all those ends before I sent it off to Meri.

Over all, a great and very productive weekend. If you haven't had the chance to take a class with Lucy Neatby, do take the opportunity if you can. she's a great teacher, and obviously loves it. And if you can't ... her DVDs are a bargain at under $30, and with running times around 2 hours plus, they are well worth the money. It's not quite the same as having her live in class, but about as close as you can come.

More yarn store reviews coming soon!